Seller Services

Here at Sam Winter & Co. we look forward to working with you on the journey of selling your home. We build value for our clients through our strategic sales and marketing approach, customized for each individual property, and we bring clarity and ease throughout the process. When it comes to working with sellers, our goal is trifold:

  1. Help you sell your property;
  2. Help you meet your desired timeframe;
  3. And make the moving process easy for you.

Behind the scenes

Inside the Process

  • Evaluate your needs and wants in selling your home.
  • Set the right price based on a highest price analysis.
  • Determine your time frame to move.
  • List your property.
  • Offer suggestions for preparing your property for sale.

Each of our listings receives a best-in-class marketing strategy, including industry leading marketing, advertising, interactive and graphic design components, customized for each client and each property.

  • Show to potential buyers.
  • Communicate showing feedback from agents for possible adjustments.
  • Keep you updated on the neighborhood market activity.
  • Communicate with you on a regular basis.
  • Assist you with negotiating a satisfactory purchase agreement with attention to requirements of terms, inspections, repairs and timing.
  • Monitor the closing process.
  • Stay in contact with all service providers involved.
  • Follow up with closing company regarding loan payoffs, etc.
  • Ensure that utility transfers are handled.
  • Confirm all terms of purchase agreement have been met.
  • Schedule a Final Walk-Through prior to closing.
  • Coordinate the details of occupancy with Buyers.
  • Schedule and attend closing with you.
  • Move into the next home you have imagined!